11 Things You Need To Know About The Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series | Top Gear

28.12.2020 г.
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The Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series is the ultimate version of the ultimate version of the beefed-up version of the standard Mercedes AMG GT. But what else do you need to know? Well here are 11 more things...
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  • How does this have almost 6000 likes, I guess we do secretly like the bbc?

    Josh De LanyJosh De Lanyпреди ден

    Kalle SundqvistKalle Sundqvistпреди 5 дни
  • mine

    keturunan kusumaketurunan kusumaпреди 7 дни
  • Sounds like a Turbo charged 4 cylinder

    dair919dair919преди 11 дни
  • Eww I don't need to know 1 thing about this car. Too ugly. Whatsamatta with MB these days??

    Bill OlsenBill Olsenпреди 17 дни
  • That is one angry looking car! But the sound does let it down...then again, it's about the performance... but then again, Mercedes could've fitted an exhaust to give it a bit more character without impacting the performance.

    micgloumicglouпреди 18 дни
  • That car must be insane for experienced drivers. How ever most people would be better of in a Ferrari 458, easy to drive, more then fast enough and so much fun. The GT Black Series will be overwelming and it will scare you, making you brake early, be late on the trottle and cornering far from what it can handle. Like riding a horse for the first time, you think you are going fast and you are scared, when you get of, you realize the horse was just walking all the time and you were struggeling to keep it under control.

    AWESOM-OAWESOM-Oпреди 18 дни
  • What's their target market? 80 year old men.

    CoolJRTCoolJRTпреди 18 дни
  • I will prefer porsche 911 gt2 rs.

    xSanjibanxxSanjibanxпреди 18 дни
  • Informercial

    bongsi21bongsi21преди 18 дни
  • I would prefer a GT2 RS

    Innova Energy ServicesInnova Energy Servicesпреди 19 дни
  • This driver is a noob.

    IseenoobpeoplesIseenoobpeoplesпреди 24 дни
  • I love ... ferrari;))

    Hồ Chí MinhHồ Chí Minhпреди 26 дни

    REMI DAVIDREMI DAVIDпреди 26 дни
  • More like: five things you need to about how the old Top Gear was so much better then this new rubbish

    trifon jacobstrifon jacobsпреди 29 дни
  • The exhaust sounds like my dad's 3 cyl diesel that he bought for 20 grand.

    Siv VinodSiv Vinodпреди 29 дни
  • Sound is shit

    TumboxTumboxпреди 29 дни
  • Viper ACR is cooler.

    Jack RyanJack Ryanпреди месец
  • So this is the conclusion of MB merging with Dodge back in the day...it basically has viper dna.

    Jojo gJojo gпреди месец
  • Wow a I love

    Nikolas NikolasNikolas Nikolasпреди месец
  • It sounds like two golf R's sharing a common muffler. So twice as bad XD

    MeusanaMeusanaпреди месец
  • I hope this model wont be continue for AMG GTR Pro Max Ultra...

    Zaki AzmiZaki Azmiпреди месец
  • @TopGear ur TV show is a dumpster fire Without Clarkson. I just came by to dislike this video and any others that feature Chris Harris' weak little boy voice overs

    VesaniaVesaniaпреди месец
  • Love this car 🏁🏁

    Dennis WheelerDennis Wheelerпреди месец
  • M5 comp is quicker 2.9secs on a good dry day

    Mohammed AliMohammed Aliпреди месец
    • M5 comp gets absolutely toasted around the track and literally every other performance spec other than 0-60 😂 only reason it's not quicker is bc it's rwd

      jaws dakillerjaws dakillerпреди месец
  • How could you not love it!

    Adam CurtisAdam Curtisпреди месец
  • 12) you can’t afford one

    Pip PipsterPip Pipsterпреди месец
  • What's wrong with an SLK? //Owner of a 2015 SLK55 AMG P30 - very competent allrounder roadster and GT - bgworld.info/section/video/0ZqzzNeGpG2ZunM.html

    Gambantein OdalGambantein Odalпреди месец

    Onde Onde 2Onde Onde 2преди месец
  • GT Black or Senna??? 🤔

    crossphadedcrossphadedпреди месец
  • We want our legends back Clarckson, Hammond and May. It had been 4 years and still the new Top gear is shit. It should be called the Bottom gear. AND Clarckson has covid sadlly every one will miss him

    DESZEONDESZEONпреди месец
  • It's amazing how Hammond has changed

    SosukSosukпреди месец
  • Remember when top gear was good?

    Dom_ TheDom_ Theпреди месец
  • As a GTC and G wagon owner, I honestly do not aspire to own this car. It’s too “forced”. I’m with Chris Harris on this one ;)

    FluterraFluterraпреди месец
  • It’s... Read more

    DeeJa’s ArtDeeJa’s Artпреди месец
    • Lol

      DeeJa’s ArtDeeJa’s Artпреди месец
  • A rice AMG

    Justice WarriorJustice Warriorпреди месец
  • I really like how the subtitles say [Music] when you hear an engine sound

    5tyxxx5tyxxxпреди месец
  • It needs an aftermarket exhaust I've said this like 69420 times I really hope the owners actually do something with that stupid exhaust

    Wong Tsz Fung Nick 黃梓峰 - (2D31)Wong Tsz Fung Nick 黃梓峰 - (2D31)преди месец
  • Tonight, On Bottom Gear

    GoodOl'RollGoodOl'Rollпреди месец
  • trash host

    Jeremy_48Jeremy_48преди месец
  • ı thınk better than 911 gt2rs.

    can uzuncan uzunпреди месец
  • boooooooo bad top gear

    Winston StevrinWinston Stevrinпреди месец
  • Un vrai monstre ! :)

    Oui LefootOui Lefootпреди месец
  • I can't get over the sound 😒😒😒 it sounds like a four cyclinder turbo. Such a shame.

    Wez OBWez OBпреди месец
  • Wow does it sound awful. I would not buy a $335k car that sounds like shit

    BlakeBlakeпреди месец
  • maybe just maybe if u put this guy with Chris as moderators maybe again with Rory Reid it could be master combo .

    Jakub ŠevčíkJakub Ševčíkпреди месец
  • Bad news The Dacia sandero It's delayed

    AkszewAkszewпреди месец
    • The what?

      DarkageddDarkageddпреди месец
  • Nice whip.

    misterspider33misterspider33преди месец
  • get back jeremy hammond and james these other ones are garabge and no one likes them

    WilliamWilliamпреди месец
    • It's been 6 years. Let it go. If you were like this about an ex boyfriend for 6 years, your friends and family would be sitting you down and telling you to seek professional help. You're even worse than that. You're like this for 3 has been TV presenters.

      Alle Warten Auf Das LichtAlle Warten Auf Das Lichtпреди месец
  • Top gear is genuinely dead

    Vladimir LeninVladimir Leninпреди месец
  • Happy to know old videos are the most watched. You suckers!

    Music, raw.Music, raw.преди месец
  • Not the same without Clarkson imo

    fifa.m_ madfut21fifa.m_ madfut21преди месец
    • Watch the bland tour then

      Alle Warten Auf Das LichtAlle Warten Auf Das Lichtпреди месец
  • 1-) IT IS NOT BLACK !!!

    Samet ALTUNSOYSamet ALTUNSOYпреди месец
  • he just said exactly what jeremy clarkson said when he reiewed the previous SLS black model !

    NullGecko X51NullGecko X51преди месец
    • That's because @Topgear are a bunch of hacks. They really can't make their own car show so they steal what ever they can from the Big 3.

      VesaniaVesaniaпреди месец
  • What is with the sound ? Jezus Christ ...

    EUROPEEUROPEпреди месец
  • This specific car is for sale in Dubai @shmee150 just did the initial review on this car like a day ago first customer car to be received in the world and already up for sale if ut hasnt resold again already

  • The old top gear was way better

    Disco Boy39Disco Boy39преди месец
  • It looks horrible, no elegance, no style, wait a week and something prettier will come along that is is faster.

    It’s just meIt’s just meпреди месец
  • that Merc has the same colour as my new sales platform fmpconnect.co.jp please come take a look...

    Stephen KentStephen Kentпреди месец
  • Next up: "The all new Amg Gt-rs black series special edition"

    Steve MatinSteve Matinпреди месец
  • Looks like a Snek

    Shane DickersonShane Dickersonпреди месец
  • Don’t like it

    Mike JansonMike Jansonпреди месец
  • The f ing particles filters are killing engine noise... I bet the US version of this masterpiece sounds better

    adlerdefenderadlerdefenderпреди месец
  • This is NOT top gear :(

    Tony LorcaTony Lorcaпреди месец
  • What a change in sound just because of crankshaft, it almost sounds like 5-cyl Audi :DDD

    BITS2BITS2преди месец
  • Exhaust just sounds like a Golf GTi..

    Ryan YardleyRyan Yardleyпреди месец
  • Fantastic 👌

    Alush PlayAlush Playпреди месец
  • 1:42 the sound is.... OK I think

    humaira zeeshanhumaira zeeshanпреди месец
  • I miss Hammond and Clarkson and May

    liama liamaliama liamaпреди месец
    • It's been 6 years. Let it go. If you were like this about an ex boyfriend for 6 years, your friends and family would tell you to seek professional help. You're even worse than that. You're like this for 3 has been TV presenters.

      Alle Warten Auf Das LichtAlle Warten Auf Das Lichtпреди месец
  • Biggest problem with this car is the new 911 GT3. Buy a CLK black series for the AMG fun factor and stick near enough £100k in your back pocket

    T DogT Dogпреди месец
  • Pfff

    dennis the dogdennis the dogпреди месец
  • That the M5 Sedan is faster?! 🤓👌🏼

    Bimm JeyBimm Jeyпреди месец
  • This needs a custom exhaust

    gbessonegbessoneпреди месец
  • Wonder why Chris Harris isn’t reviewing this........

    A BA Bпреди месец
  • Hideous wing.

    Mike RothwellMike Rothwellпреди месец
  • All that CF and only 2 seats yet still 2500lbs? Shameful....

    Jc MeynetJc Meynetпреди месец
  • The rich mans Dodge Viper ACR

    D F00B0NESD F00B0NESпреди месец
  • Ya I will surely remember when i will never afford too buy this.

    wheelspk failswheelspk failsпреди месец
  • Its boring, 911 GT2RS MR is awesome to drive,3000 times much better than this. 911 GT2RS MR is still faster than this on NURBURGRING. Poor mercedes even after 3 years of research and Billions of Euros on R&D couldn't compete,so much money down the drain #Topgear. #Mercedes

    Gaurav SharmaGaurav Sharmaпреди месец
  • Just don't sound's right for what it is. Sounds like a Nissan micra or something

    Róbert SásRóbert Sásпреди месец
  • That Merc has the face of disgust 😫

    Ludak021Ludak021преди месец
  • Just buy a Porsche...right?

    Brian AndersonBrian Andersonпреди месец
  • Need to see it in black or a dark grey. Not a fan of the orange and black combo. But that's just my opinion.

    andrew grantandrew grantпреди месец
  • BMW’s gonna make their grilles big? Mercedes: well, let’s make the black series’ grille BIGGER

    AsTiGmAtIsMeAsTiGmAtIsMeпреди месец
  • I can confirm that these are things I didn’t really need to know, but I actually DID need to know, you know

    Denilson CedilloDenilson Cedilloпреди месец
  • Ah yes, the car that makes you smile no matter what. Surprisingly good quality video from you guys. I was expecting another "iTS aN aMG, iT sHOULDN'T gO aROUND cORNERS"

    Will JolliffWill Jolliffпреди месец

    Sidhant Megh9Sidhant Megh9преди месец
  • the reason mclaren is always so light compared to his rivals is because of carbon monocoque. All of his rivals are much more mass products, therefore they can’t all be based on time consuming monocoque. huracan, ferrari f8, 911 and this merc are all made around aluminum frame. So if ferrari or porsche or amg wanted initially to create mid engine supercar around the carbon monocoque, it will wipe the floor with mclaren

    Darchan DarchanDarchan Darchanпреди месец
  • The black series is now under powered now a days compared to the top end super cars. 202 mph is F40 territory lol

    Greiguci WootchieGreiguci Wootchieпреди месец
  • New top gear is poopie

    Drhhtsmuscc DdddDrhhtsmuscc Ddddпреди месец
  • Where is hammond James and Jeremy ?

    KMG Family With MorrisKMG Family With Morrisпреди месец
    • Who?

      Alle Warten Auf Das LichtAlle Warten Auf Das Lichtпреди месец
  • AMG finally stuck it to everyone around the track. Well done!

    c32amgftwc32amgftwпреди месец
  • 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Nice 🖤🏁🖤

    The EricThe Ericпреди месец
  • This is not "Top Gear". There is no Hammond, May or Clarkson!

    Fredrik SvenssonFredrik Svenssonпреди месец
    • Who?

      Alle Warten Auf Das LichtAlle Warten Auf Das Lichtпреди месец
  • That isn't Top Gear.

    Patryk WiecheckiPatryk Wiecheckiпреди месец
  • Okay Imma say something crazy low key doesn't this look like the ACR Viper in some angles, like at the quarter panels

    Adrian HernandezAdrian Hernandezпреди месец
  • 🔴

    YOU VOICEYOU VOICEпреди месец
  • Am I wrong or are black series normally crazy road cars.... Hmmm

    s cs cпреди месец
  • My favourite car

    Callicrate PunzCallicrate Punzпреди месец